Best Smartwatches for Women in 2020 – Expert Review

Best Overall  Budget pick  Premium Pick 
Fitbit Versa 2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Apple Watch Series 5
  • Female health tracking
  • 6-day battery
  • Alexa
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Bixby voice functionality
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Samsung Pay
  • Long battery life
  • Cycle Tracking app
  • Apple Pay
  • Deals with texts and calls
  • Water resistant


Smartwatches isn't just for people any more. Smartwatch companies have been designing several women's smartwatches with various bands and styles so as not to compromise the fashion style.

Not only are they trendy, however, they do serve to benefit you in many ways, from monitoring your sleep and heart rate to allowing you to pay with them! Some smartwatches also offer tips for exercising, have a built-in GPS and can calculate your stress level.

We've listed the best women's smartwatches in this post, hoping you find the one in here. You can also find a small support section to direct you into your future fellow.

Our Top Picks

Smartwatch Battery Life Female Health Tracking Heart Rate Sleep Tracking Wireless Connectivity
Fitbit Versa 2 6 days Yes Yes Yes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 1 day No Yes Yes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Apple Watch Series 5 18 hours Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kate Spade Scallop 2 1 day No Yes No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Fossil Gen 5 1 day No Yes No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Michael Kors Access Gen 4 1 day No Yes No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR 1 day No Yes No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


The 7 Best Smartwatches for Women in 2020

1. Fitbit Versa 2 – Best Overall

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 has a square-shaped dial of 44 mm, and you can change various strap colors according to the occasion and the outfit. The computer has an ambient light sensor, which automatically changes the brightness. Moreover, due to its always-on monitor mode, you won't have to tap on the screen to wake it up, which helps you to look at it to check the time if your hands are full.

Since this watch is truly female-oriented it has a female health monitoring feature that allows you to monitor your menstrual cycle. It can also monitor your sleep, so that you can test the quality of your sleep and see if there is any problem. It also has a heart tracking feature which helps you to keep an eye on your heart rate.

Do you like to listen to the music when you are doing some activity? Why didn't they? You can power your Spotify or Deezer app with Fitbit Versa 2, and you can listen to and download as many as 300 songs on your wrist. Have I forgotten to mention that it fits small wrists?

One of Fitbit Versa 2's distinctive features is its built-in Alexa! Alexa will do whatever you ask of her, because you can have your hands full. Impressive, aren't they?

Even, Fitbit Versa 2 counts the burned calories, and climbing floors.

The superheld battery stays charged on a single charge for more than 6 days! You can also leave your wallet at home, using the Fitbit Pay application.

It doesn't have a built-in GPS though, but you can pair your watch with your smartphone to access the GPS, so it's not biggie.


  • Monitoring women's wellbeing.
  • The battery will last about a week.
  • Always-on-show.
  • Alexa: Alexa.
  • Bill fitbit.


  • No GPS built in.
  • We don't help Apple Health and Google Suit.
  • Small Track.
  • If you're a woman who loves running, Fitbit Versa 2 offers you a variety of features and it just asks you to charge it every six days.

Bottom Line:

If you're a woman who enjoys running, Fitbit Versa 2 offers you a range of apps and it only asks you to charge it every six days.


2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Affordable Pick

Whether you own an Android or an iPhone, there's Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for you. It comes in sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm (so it suits on small wrists), and you can choose from various strap styles and colors. It is especially handy if you are a woman who is fond of wearing matching colours.

You can choose from robust stainless steel or lightweight aluminum body design as for construction. It has a wide screen, the dial being all touchscreen with a small border.

With this watch you can keep an eye on your heart rate as it will automatically alert you when it senses any increase or decrease in your average heart rate. It's not built to diagnose or prevent disease, however, so don't rely on it entirely.

In addition, it includes an integrated sleep tracker that gives you insight into how to sleep better and also tracks your stress level. I think this feature is useful, especially for working moms, because we know how tough that is. In addition, thanks to the integrated Calm feature, it helps you get relaxed.

Active 2 counts the calories burned, records your steps and has a built-in GPS.

The battery is truly awesome, as it can last on a single charge for more than a day. You can also get a short boost from your compatible wireless power-sharing Galaxy phone.

Got busy with your hands, no problem. Use the features of the Bixby voice and ask it to read your text and make calls! Did your wallet go forgotten? No probs, as Samsung Pay can be used at any given time.


  • Get calls and emails.
  • Spotify Stream.
  • Functionality of speech in bixby.
  • Works with the Android and iOS.
  • Charging Samsung.
  • Battery life is long.


  • No monitoring of the women's wellbeing.
  • Incorrect calorie count.
  • Small Track.

Bottom Line:

If you need a very trendy and practical smartwatch at the same time, then this is the one. Its different straps and colors, along with its impressive design, helped it make its way onto our list.

3. Apple Watch Series 5 - Premium Pick

This smartwatch should please Apple lovers. Do not waste your time reading about Apple Watch Series 5 if you're an Ios user, because it's only good for iPhone users.

To women with tiny wrists, the watch is perfect, because it comes in 40 mm and 44 mm. I'm pleased to say it's going to suit most of your styles as it has different fluoroelastomer straps with different shapes and colors and you can wear what suits your outfit.

Apple Watch Series 5 has a eye that is constantly on, and it never sleeps, so that's good because you can always test the time without having to press something. Plus, thanks to the ECG app, you can always keep an eye on your heart rate and adjustments.

Another amazing feature it has is its built-in compass which gives you a sense of direction at all times. In addition, it is especially useful for women because it helps them track their menstrual cycle via the Cycle Tracking app.

Fitness-wise, because it has advanced fitness metrics, GPS and is water-resistant up to 50 meters, the watch is very motivating. And with your mates you will get into challenges.

It streams the songs and gives you access to the app store. You can even receive and send messages, and you can also make and take phone calls without having to have your mobile.

This helps you to use the Apple Pay service to pay for stuff and it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The battery is not one of its best advantages, since it can only remain charged for 18 hours. Yet this may be sufficient for others depending on each person's use. It also lacks the features to monitor sleep.


  • Big screen.
  • App Period Monitoring.
  • Help Pay for Apple.
  • Act with calls and messages.
  • Résistant to water.
  • App ECG.


  • Battery life short.
  • No sleep follow-up.
  • Costly.
  • Small Track.

Bottom Line:

If you're a woman with an iPhone, you'll love what Apple Watch Series 5 has to do. Its outstanding and useful features make it to be one of the best women's smartwatches.

4. Kate Spade Scallop 2 – Best Style and Fitness Smartwatch

Kate Spade Scallop 2

This smartwatch comes with a 42 mm case diameter and 175 mm strap. Being fashion-friendly, it has styles and belts that can easily be substituted in stainless steel, silicone or leather band. In addition, it has an exclusive 'Choose My Look' feature that lets you set a color for your smartwatch face.

As much as it's based on giving you a trendy look, its fitness features never fall short. Kate Spade Scallop 2 has heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS activity monitoring and near-field (NFC) payments!

This also helps you to accept and ignore calls, search applications, receive updates and monitor weather conditions. While it interfaces wirelessly with Ios and iPhones, Android users tend to think it has a soft spot. This allows them to respond to texts and emails, manage smart replies, and use Google Assistant voice-activated to call, send messages, and ask for directions.

It can withstand water splatters but isn't swim-proof, so you can't take it in the pool or shower with you. It only has water resistance of up to 30 mm.

Although its battery only lasts for 24 hours, it can be charged very quickly as it can reach up to 80 percent in less than an hour.


  • Really chic.
  • Rapid load.
  • GPS built in.
  • Tracking behavior.


  • Battery life short.
  • Pretty high.
  • Small Track.

Bottom Line:

This is the perfect fashion- and fitness-oriented smartwatch for women who want one. Its luxury style, versatile strap and impressive and catchy features make it very appealing to many people.

5. Fossil Gen 5 – Best Value:

Fossil Gen 5

If you're an Android user or an ios user, your mobile should go with Fossil Gen 5. It has a touchscreen of 44 mm and provides various straps with different colors, so with your style, you can pick whatever works best. Its band size is 22 mm and can be interchanged with all 22 mm bands in Fossil.

It comes with other features, such as having an untethered GPS, allowing you to leave your phone and still be able to measure your running distance. GPS also lets you play your music installed on your watch. It's also swimproof, so you can get it to the tub, under the sink, and even take it with it in the sink.

When thinking about leaving your phone behind, it's using Bluetooth technology to help you to check your notifications. Furthermore, thanks to its Google Pay, you can finally go out without having to bring your wallet which allows you to pay using your smartwatch.

Fitness-wise, Fossil Gen 5 uses Google Fit to monitor the heart rate, so you can search for something wrong at any given moment.

In addition, it comes with a speaker so you can hear his response to your questions while you're using Google Assistant technology. In addition, it lets you download third-party applications with storage space of 8Gb and 1 G RAM.

As for the battery, it will last a day. There are smart battery modes, however, that help you prolong your life over days. It also comes with a battery charging in less than an hour up to 80 per cent.

Unfortunately it lacks the sleep tracking feature and does not come with any requirement for female health monitoring.


  • The belts are multicolored.
  • GPS undeterred.
  • Tracking heart rate.
  • Download the Software from third parties.


  • Battery with limited service life.
  • No sleep follow-up.
  • No monitoring women's wellbeing.
  • Small Track.

Bottom Line:

If you need the best women's smartwatch that lets you download software from third parties, get this one. You'll also love the multicolored belts that complement almost every outfit you have.


6. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 – Best Retro Style Smartwatch

Michael Kors Access Gen 4

If you're a fitness enthusiast who enjoys the retro design, Access Gen 4 is a hybrid of the two! Its style is as similar as conventional watches can come. The 41 mm watch comes with a variety of strap materials, so you can pick which one more fits your style. You can also customize the faces.

If you enjoy listening to music while exercising or doing any errands, you can do that with Access Gen 4, because it helps you to use Spotify. In addition, thanks to Google Pay, you can't say goodbye to your wallet, but you can pay with your watch.

If you're a busy woman who can't waste any of her time, Access Gen 4 provides you with a personal assistant as it's powered by Google's wear OS. You can ask something and the answers will come to you. This also keeps track of your heart rate and has incorporated GPS to control your movement.

As for the battery, it can last approximately a day, but it is charged quickly.

The things I don't like about this watch are that it has no sleep tracking, nor does it have a female health monitoring feature. Also, it is not ideal for diving or snorkeling; but, because it is water-resistant to 50 m, you can take it for a swim.


Sleek, classic style.
Storing music.
GPS built in.
Tracking heart rate.


No monitoring of the women's wellbeing.
No sleep follow-up.
The battery only lasts 24hrs.

Bottom Line:

Like I said, for those who don't like how smartwatches look, this is a good watch. Access Gen 4 blends the classic style with the new features you want in a smartwatch.

7. Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR – Google Fit's Best Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR

This 40 mm smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, i.e. Android OS 6.0 + (excluding Go Edition) or iOS 10 +. It can be connected to your smartphone so you won't miss something when you're on the move.

It connects to your phone through Bluetooth, so that the watch gives you a little buzz whenever you receive a notification. You can monitor your music, manage your schedule, and even download apps from third parties; however, you can't accept calls through it because there's no speaker in it. You'll need to speak from your mobile if you answer a call through that.

It even has an integrated fitness tracker, a microphone, a built-in GPS, and music storage and controls so you can enjoy your favorite music while you're exercising. Wearing it in an obscure place? Its flashlight with LED is here for rescue.

Fitness-wise, it features Google Fit, which provides health coaching with activity goals based on American Heart Association and World Health Organization recommendations: Move Minutes and Heart Points. In addition, it has a swim-proof feature (3ATM). If you have to pay and your hands are occupied, you can use Google Pay to pay with the watch.

Its battery lasts 24 hours but can last in the power-saving mode for two more days. It comes with a rapid USB magnetic charger, which can charge up to 805 in less than an hour.


Monitoring movement and heart rate.
Adequate to swim in.
GPS built in.
Charging Google.
Google just suits.


Does not track menstrual cycle.
No System for Sleep Monitoring.
The battery life is short.

Bottom line:

If you need a fitness-fitting smartwatch to the degree that it offers activities suggested by Google Fit, that should be your preference.

How a woman would pick her smartwatch:

1. Compatibility:

The majority of smartwatches are designed to fit your mobile phones. Some smartwatches, for example, do not have a built-in GPS, so they need to be linked to the GPS of your smartphone. Not all are tolerant of their own operating systems.

2. Design 

But Each smartwatch comes with an individualistic style. Women usually love to get a smartwatch with lots of straps and faces to watch so they can wear the one that goes with their outfit.

Before all this comes warmth though. You have to make sure that your wrist feels relaxed and that it has a user-friendly interface. Also, test if it has buttons or relies entirely on a touch-screen.

3. Features:

Some smartwatches feature health, some have smart apps, and some have none. You get to choose what you want. Some smartwatches have certain activity monitoring apps, such as GPS, heart rate monitoring and health tracking for women. You're not going to get totally confused with a smartwatch, fitness-wise. If, however, you only need one with fitness apps, instead, you should consider buying a fitness tracker.

Other features include installing games, music, receiving messages and calls, and accessing your social media apps.

Look out for the features every smartwatch offers.

4. Female health tracking:

It is important to have a female health tracking feature. This helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle. In other words, it may mean that there are any underlying health concerns. Simply enter the start date, period, and symptoms of your cycle and it will do the rest.


5. Battery Life:

Getting a smartwatch that doesn't need to be charged all that much is important. The time-battery needs charging varies from smartwatch to smartwatch, so get one that matches your activities.

Questions often Asked:

Should a woman buy a Smartwatch or a Regular Watch?

It depends on her needs. Does she know the time, or wants all the other features that a smartwatch offers?

The way I see it the more flexible alternative is a smartwatch.

What's Monitoring Female Health?
Health-tracking for females is a feature that tracks the menstrual cycle. This allows you to enter the start date, signs, length, etc. of your process when you first use it, and keep track from now on.

It's helpful because it tells you when to start your next cycle, the days of ovulation, the period you're pregnant and then in other ways it benefits you.

Why Can Women Choose Smartwatch Size Right?
Producers typically provide a sizing guide on their website for their smartwatches. Just print this guide at the actual size (100 percent), cut along the dotted line, loop the guide around your hand, and then pick the size that best suits you.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you've read what we've got to say about women's best smartwatches we hope you've already selected one. We will recommend some of them however to help you make an educated choice.

Whether you need a female-health monitoring device with a smartwatch, get Fitbit Versa 2 or Apple Watch Series 5. Needless to say, if you are an iPhone customer, you can just find the Apple Watch Series 5.

Try purchasing Fitbit Versa 2, or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the event sleep monitoring is of utmost importance to you. Both are appropriate for women with tiny wrists, as well.

The other devices lack the sleep tracking feature and the female health tracking feature; however, they are impressive in so many other ways, including providing an in-built GPS, allowing you to pay with them and featuring a smart assistant.