Best Smartwatches for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2020 – Experts Review

galaxy s9 watch
Samsung flagship devices are very impressive in themselves but their ability can be greatly accentuated when combined with the right smartwatch. But finding the right device for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 + may be a challenge, with the multitude of items on the market.

There are two principal factors that decide whether or not a smartwatch is suitable for you. Firstly, it has to be mobile friendly. And second, it will deliver all the apps you're looking to use, whether it's wellness, fitness or just simple tracking apps.

It's also worth remembering that the Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched nearly two years ago, so if you don't know exactly what to look for, you'll probably run into compatibility problems and that's where we come in. Today we'll highlight the best Samsung Galaxy S9 smartwatches.

Comparison Table:

Smartwatch OS Display Type Battery Life Onboard GPS
Fitbit Versa 2 Fitbit OS AMOLED 4-5 Days No
Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS AMOLED 1-2 Days Yes

TicWatch E2

Wear OS AMOLED 2-3 Days Yes
Vivoactive 3  Wear OS LCD 6-7 Days Yes


The 7 Best Smartwatches for Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2020

To deliver a graceful and streamlined efficiency, most smartwatches require clear-cut specifications. We've done quite a bit of work to ensure full compatibility and it's fair to say the following products are the best Samsung Galaxy S9 smartwatches.


1. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 – Best Overall Smartwatch for S9

As it will bring the most compatibility with your Samsung smartphone, it makes perfect sense to be a Samsung smartwatch for the first item on our list. The Galaxy Active 2 is mainly a portable exercise but it boasts minimalistic aesthetics that a traditionalist would find rather appealing.

The Galaxy Active 2 comes in two variants: 44 mm and 40 mm. The former has a 1.4-inch screen with a resolution of 360 x 360 while the latter has a screen of 1.2-inch. With its rich color and clear messages, the screen looks beautiful regardless of the lighting state you're in.

As it is a smartwatch from Samsung, the Active 2 is based on Tizen OS, which happens to be one of the slickest operating systems in the smartwatch region. However, it does not provide great third-party support compared to the Google's Wear OS. Yet it's still a fairly stable operating system.

Unlike the Galaxy Watch with its robust mechanical rotating bezel, the Active 2 is equipped with a digital rotating bezel which allows easy navigation while keeping a slim profile. As far as the battery life on this device is concerned, with light use it will last you around 2-3 days. Less used intensively.

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 has all the features-wise, from a precise heart rate monitor to a robust sleep tracking feature. GPS, Bluetooth networking, audio playability, and automatic exercise monitoring also come on board. Definitely best Galaxy S9 smartwatch.


  • The Super AMOLED show is fantastic.
  • Offers online monitoring of workouts.
  • Uses a smart operating system.
  • Includes 4 GB capacity onboard.
  • Sleek and smooth building.


  • Limited third-party access of applications.
  • The battery life is not the most outstanding.

Final Verdict:

Not only is this a perfect match for Galaxy S9, but for other S-series smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is also good. The only concern we have with this is the lifetime of its subpar battery.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch – Best Premium Choice for Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy Watch Some may say that Samsung's Galaxy Watch is Samsung's best smartwatch and we feel the same way. However, the reason why this amazing piece of technology is taking second position on our list is simply because of its crazy price tag. It's the costliest on our list.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in 2 variants: 46 mm and 42 mm. The former model comes in black only, while the latter model is available in black and rose gold. All versions feature surprisingly lightweight silicone bands that don't pick up lint or dust.

This watch houses a custom-made 1.5GHz processor, and runs on Tizen OS version 4.0. In other words, this user should expect lightning-fast performance. The computer features a revolving mechanical bezel that lets you navigate easily through its interface and apps.

The Galaxy Watch gives you the opportunity to log up to 39 workout routines when it comes to fitness and health monitoring, of which about half are indoor workouts. Not only that but it can also track six different exercise routines automatically, including running, walking and cycling.

Other apps include built-in heart rate and sleep monitoring, counting steps and stairs, and GPS tracking. Though it may seem like a great smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch has some gripes. We'd like to be more well-rounded for the Bixby and Samsung Pay features.


  • Conventional watch-aesthetics boasts.
  • The fitness monitoring capabilities are outstanding.
  • Smooth running and streamlining.
  • Inbuilt-in GPS and storage features.
  • Boasts impressive longevity on the Battery.


  • The price tag is relatively extortionate.
  • The structure is thick and voluminous.

Final Verdict:

Apart from the high price tag, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, it provides an excellent value which will impress just about everybody. However, we do not suggest it to women, because it's too bulky.

3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier-Best Price Value

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier The Samsung Gear S3 is available in two models: the Classic and the Frontier. There are slight variations between the two units, but we opted to review the Frontier because, thanks to its compatible 3G / LTE and sportier design, it is considered to be the superior of the two models.

One aspect that has in common both the Classic and Frontier models of the Gear S3 is the fact that they mimic the overall look of the Gear S2. The Gear S3 is pretty bigger at 46 mm, however, so it may not be the best match for a woman, as it will feel bulky and awkward on smaller wrists.

The build quality of the Gear S3 is nothing short of amazing. This thing is built like a tank, and thinks it costs its price tag ten times as much. It boasts construction of stainless steel and a waterproof rating of IP68. You can use it for about 30 minutes, up to 1 meter underwater. It also works well in the storm.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch, on Samsung's Tizen OS, the Gear S3 Frontier runs smoother than a fresh jar of skippy. The Gear S3 is compatible with a variety of Android devices, but for the most part, Tizen devices are the way forward. Overall it could use more assistance from third parties.

After you have set up your Gear S3 Frontier, you'll be asked to install the S Health app from Samsung. It will provide you with access to basic fitness tracking features such as step counting, sleep tracking and monitoring of heart rate. If you're a fan of smartwatches with a classic feel, this device is for you.


Outstanding Super AMOLED Table.
Neat to revolving bezel gui.
Heavy-duty construction with water resistance.
Smooth running and streamlining.
The fitness monitoring features are fantastic.


  • The building is very large.
  • Inadequate support for third party software.

Final Verdict:

One of the most well-integrated smartwatches on this list is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, and the best of all, the watch is very reasonably priced! If only it did provide more support for third-party devices.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 – Best for Fitness Tracking

Fitbit Versa 2 While it can look like a smartwatch, the Versa 2 is more health and wellness focused. It isn't really shocking considering that Fitbit is one of the most respected brands on the market for activity trackers. If you're a health and fitness enthusiast the Fitbit Versa 2 is the best alternative for you.

The Fitbit Versa 2 looks very similar to an Apple Watch without the spinning crown. The casing features chamfered edges which offer a very sleek look to it. The overall structure is sturdy and lightweight, suitable for fitness enthusiasts. It features an equally robust silicone band.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is probably the only Fitbit that features an AMOLED display, so you can expect it to offer bright colors and dark blacks whatever the lighting conditions. It has an always-on convenience option. The Versa 2 also has impressive integrations like Alexa and Spotify.

The thing you might find repelling about the Fitbit Versa 2 is that only by subscribing to Fitbit Premium, which is a new subscription service, can you gain access to comprehensive fitness insights. Notwithstanding that, we can not take anything away from the impressive fitness-tracking capabilities of Versa 2.

It's also worth noting that this smartwatch provides female health tracking apps, making it an perfect women's choice. Another thing that makes the Fitbit Versa 2 such a good competitor is their impressive 4-5-day battery life. It is a perfect mix of elegance and wellness.


  • Excellent capability to monitor fitness.
  • Equipped with a screen rich in AMOLEDs.
  • Rugged construction of lightweight style.
  • The battery boasts a impressive lifetime.
  • Includes plenty of helpful integrations.


  • Clear perspectives come at a surcharge.
  • Does not offer music streaming spotify.

Final Verdict:

If you don't mind paying out a couple of extra bucks to get access to Fitbit Premium, the Versa 2 would be the ideal option for you as a fitness fan. It is very small, lightweight and strong.


5. Fossil Gen 5 – Best Wear OS Smartwatch

The vast majority of smartwatches running on Google's Wear OS appear to look like classic timepieces and the Fossil Gen 5 is no exception. The machine comes in two models: Carlyle and Julianna. The former is mainly targeted towards men, while the latter is directed towards women.

Remember that the difference between the two Fossil Gen 5 versions lies entirely in aesthetics. All versions are exactly the same when it comes to the apps and functionality. The Fossil Gen 5 is water-resistant with 3 ATM, which means you can float with it but you can't dive with it.

The Fossil Gen 5 comes with a pretty comfortable default silicone harness, but the bands can be interchanged with almost any 22 mm band available, so if you're not fond of how they look or sound, you can easily swap it. Fossil Gen 5 has three Navigation buttons on the side.

First-party applications from the Fossil Gen 5 cover the basics very well as opposed to other rivals. In terms of third-party app support, since Wear OS is known for its excellent support, you don't have to worry about a thing. And you'll have accurate health monitoring apps, thanks to Google Play.

The smartwatch features a built-in Google Assistant that can be used to ask questions, set reminders, translate languages, and much more. You'll never encounter any form of lagging, stuttering or freezing with 1 GB RAM and the Wear 3100. Truly outstanding unit.


  • Super-sleek, strong construction.
  • An astoundingly smooth results.
  • It's fitted out with Google Assistant.
  • Offers battery modes that can be customised.
  • Superb for men and women alike.


  • We do not like its battery life very much.
  • Average capacity to monitor fitness.

Final Verdict:

If you're checking your Samsung Galaxy S9 for the ideal Wear OS smartwatch, it won't get any better than the Fossil Gen 5. It provides everything you might want in a smartwatch.

6. Mobvoi TicWatch E2 – Best Budget Choice for S9 

Mobvoi's TicWatch E2 is one of the most affordable and yet deepest units on the market. Don't be fooled by the price tag, this excellent piece of technology is filled with apps. It may not be the best-looking smartwatch on our list, but it certainly is one of the most comfortable.

The TicWatch E2 has a thick and relatively simple-looking profile which is why most women may not find it attractive. In fact, we think this unit could be using a smaller alternative. If you have a slim hand, the best choice is to find another device. Besides, the overall style is pretty good.

You would expect such an inexpensive device to be fitted with an LCD display, but surprisingly, the E2 features a wide 1.4-inch AMOLED screen that allows you to easily communicate with software on the device and read notifications. This has a resolution of 400 range400, allowing super sharp content to be viewed.

Given the fact that the E2 houses the Snapdragon Wear 2100 from Qualcomm, we are quite pleased about how promptly it is working. We would have loved to see it working with the Wear 3100, of course, but the stars have just not aligned. Yet its efficiency is smooth and streamlined.

The TicWatch E2 provides many excellent Mobvoi pre-installed features such as TicWatch, TicRanking, TicHealth, and TicExercise. However, the bright aspect of the E2 is its ability to provide you with two days of service by using intensive functions such as GPS monitoring and Google Assistant.


  • The battery life is decent for what it's worth.
  • Has a big, bright panel of AMOLED.
  • The design is waterproof.
  • Secure and secure process.
  • Disponible at a fair price tag.


  • Uses an outmoded unit for processing.
  • Bulky, and available in one size only.

Final verdict:

Limited by a tight budget and searching for a highly compatible Samsung S9 smartwatch? Mobvoi's TicWatch E2 can provide you with much comfort at a low price.

7. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music – Best Audiophile option

Garmin's Vivoactive 3 Music is a GPS-equipped multi-sport package with a slimmer, more sophisticated profile. When it comes to esthetics it looks very similar to the original Vivoactive. This is a machine that can play audio formats of all sorts, so if you're a music-head, the watch is for you.

The Vivoactive 3 boasts a sleek look compared to the squarish Vivoactive HR, which you will certainly find appealing. It shows, once again, that in order to be feature-packed, a smartwatch need not be bulky. This machine is also water-resistant, which is impressive up to 5 ATM's.

It is fitted with a vivid 1.2-inch LCD touchscreen that has a resolution of 240 x 240. It may not be as vibrant and colorful as an AMOLED panel but in just about any lighting situation it does its job very well. Weighing around 43 grams, the entire package is small enough for fitness fanatics.

When it comes to sensors, the Vivoactive 3 Music is quite an experienced device, as it features a GPS, barometric altimeter, accelerometer, wrist-based heart rate monitor and a thermometer. This also features a compass to make you more relaxed and can monitor a wide variety of fitness metrics.

The Vivoactive 3's most impressive attribute to deliver is their battery life. This smartwatch will carry on doing what it does at one charge for up to 7 days. This is enough to make you loose your charging cord. With extensive usage (GPS+Bluetooth), though, 5 hours is all that you get.


Provides battery life for a week.
An excellent choice for listening to the album.
Provides an integrated lot of metrics.
Really comfortable to wear for the entire day.
Mobile payment by Garmin Pay.


The feature Vibration Alarm is low.
Doesn't provide health monitoring for women.

Final Verdict:

Garmin's Vivoactive 3 Music is a very formidable smartwatch offering a variety of smart features at a low price tag. If you don't seem to be able to take off your headphones, then this package is for you.


What to Look for When buying a Smartwatch for S9

You need to know exactly what you're looking for in the hyper-competitive smartwatch market, or else you'll be lost in a sea of endless options. Here are the factors you need to remember to ensure you buy the right smartwatch for your Galaxy S9.

1. Compatibility:

The first thing you want to remember while you're on the market is compatibility with a smartwatch for your Galaxy S9, S9 + or any other smartphone. When you can not pair the smartwatch with your phone, then what's the point of squandering all that money on it, right?

Why do you ensure your computer is smartwatch compatible? Ok, essentially, first you have to check whether or not it supports Android apps. Second, you need to make sure it meets your phone requirements as far as the RAM and Android versions are concerned.

2. Operating system:

When it comes to operating systems you have two choices. You can opt with Samsung's Tizen OS, or go for Google's Wear OS. It's also worth remembering that certain smartwatch manufacturers, by the way, make use of proprietary operating systems like Fitbit and Fitbit OS.

You should expect a sleek gui with smooth performance but very minimal third party device support if you want to go with Tizen OS. You get excellent third-party App support with Wear OS but not the most seamless results. This all comes down to, just, personal preference.

3. Key Features:

You must make sure that the watch you're about to purchase provides all the features you're looking for in a smartwatch, before you push the Add to Cart button. For example, if you're champion of health and wellness, a priority must be given to features such as heart rate, sleep and exercise monitoring.

If you're a music addicted guy, you need to make sure the device you're going to buy provides reliable audio support. Not only that, but Bluetooth compatibility needs to be provided to pair it with your headphones. And if you are a woman, it is important that you monitor women's health.

4. Battery Lifetime:

The lifetime of the battery is an important aspect to remember before making a smartwatch decision. Ask yourself how much you'd like your smartwatch to recharge and the right device will show itself to you. You'll have plenty of options to choose from, but don't settle for a battery life of less than 24 hours.

Final Thoughts: We're sure there are plenty of other watches deserving of being on our list, but we've had to narrow it down to a small few units we think are the best Samsung Galaxy S9 smartwatches for. If you have found this interesting post, please let us know which product you want.