Best Front and Rear Dash Cams Reviews for 2020 - Experts Review

Keep an open view on what's behind you. In addition, with a quality dash cam backup camera system, you can greatly improve your rear-view vision and thereby help to reduce the likelihood of "blind spot zone" accidents while your vehicle moves in reverse as well as monitor what is happening. Modern rear camera systems have been shown to reduce accident backups with a large percentage margin, particularly when activated with the cars feature audio near collision sensors.

And with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rear visibility regulations already in place as of June 6th 2014 and with complete enforcement as of May 1st 2018, you really need to start thinking about upgrading the rear visibility capability of your vehicle. We've come up with a list of the best-rated dash cam backup cameras for cars you'll love to get you started with for the great function they need.

1. AKASO Mirror Dash Camera with 10” Backup Camera 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Stream Media - Front and Rear Dash Cam

With 10-inch IPS touch screen offering a large visual angle that makes AKASO mirror dash practically clearer for viewing images. The rear dash camera image will help you park with ease if you engage the reverse. They will automatically turn over the full view with 4pcs night vision lights, and activate guidelines for safe parking.

AKASO Touch Screen Mirror Dash Camera for Cars-10 "Backup Camera 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Stream Media DVR with Sony IMX307 G-Sensor Parking Monitor 32 GB SD Card (DL9) The device can automatically lock in the event of a collision with G-sensor and loop recording and this allows video not to be overwritten even when the loop recording feature is on. If the storage space is complete it will cover the earlier section automatically.

Equipped with a 1080P camera feature and a wide angle 170-degree lens will cover the entire path ahead and capture all vital data. Enabled by the advanced Sony IMX307 sensor with super night vision, the mirror dash cam can provide night-time visibility and protection when driving or reversing. There are two options to mount this rear camera on the back of the vehicle that you can install on the car's rear windshield or the license plate nearby.

Product Features

  • Sony IMX307
  • 24-Hours parking monitor
  • Loop Recording
  • 32 GB SD Card
  • WDR Wide dynamic range)
  • Emergency lock (Built in G-sensor)
  • 1920* 1080P 30fps Front and Rear

2. TOGUARD Backup Camera with 10″ Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Full Touch Screen - Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

TOGUARD is a pioneer in industrial personal protection equipment and has been on the market since 2009. This dash cam has a 1080P streaming media app with an IPS touch screen full HD clear color that you'll like. Once you start the car, the screen will display rear viewing synchronously and show a bright, crisp video quality in or at night, with high resolution. With a wide angle lens that removes your blind spots and soothes the worry of capturing all that's happening in front and rear of the vehicle, thus making you drive at ease. Its original look from the manufacturer of the equipment makes the mirror dash cam perfectly fit with the current mirror.

Activated with a G-sensor, when it experiences a sudden shock and collision the device will automatically lock and store the video. Additionally, the loop recording method will automatically delete the earliest video when the storage space is complete. Packed with a high-definition analog 1080P backup camera, this camera provides a super night vision in low light conditions and the backup camera monitor with guide lines allows you to secure parking. The high-resolution device is available in either 1080P backup camera + 720P front camera or 1080P front camera + 720P rear view camera, the bright full screen makes it possible to clearly read the vehicle license plates behind or outside you, both day and night. Both cameras record the road in front of you and behind you simultaneously, ensuring your safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

Product Features

  • Display is 10-inch
  • Video format is MOV
  • Power interface 5V/2A DC
  • Support 32GB Class 10
  • Product weight 0.71 lb
  • Product dimensions 9.8X2.7X0.6 inches
  • Default camera when its turns on is the rear camera with full screen.


  1. Installation is simple.
  2. Packaging clean.
  3. Normal camera back up.
  4. Touch screen sensitive.
  5. Easy to understand the settings.
  6. Clear front and rear photo.
  7. Has front or rear camera options of 720/1080.



  1. The product is not a regular cheap rear view mirror.

3. DuDuBell Dash Cam with 10″ Mirror Dash Cam and Reverse Assistance Backup Camera - Mirror Dash Cam

With Sony IMX323 sensors and DuDuBell 10-inch AHD technology, even in very dark surroundings, you'll get a super clear picture on the lane. The camera system is also allowed for better video recording with a dual 1080P display, and nothing you'll miss. View mode: Just displaying the front cam, only showing the back cam full screen and viewing the video. Mirror cam records from both front and rear cams no matter what the view mode is.

The 170 degree 6 G front cam and 140 degree 6 g rear cam with super wide angle & external GPS removes blind spots and helps record everything on the lane, which makes you drive with ease. The GPS records precise information about speed and location while driving. The 10′′ IPS Touch Screen & Reverse Assistance Rear cam cam photos will be shown on your car from the 10′′ full screen when the engine starts, more comfort when you reverse. You will need to link the red wire of the rear camera to the positive lead of your car tail light, so that M2 dash cam will automatically provide reverse guild line in any situation when the R gear is engaged.

Product Features:

  • Color black
  • Video format MP4
  • Video resolution 1080P
  • Power supply 5V DV
  • Battery built-in 500mAh
  • External GPS included.
  • Recommended SD card 32GB Class 10
  • Display screen 10-inches IPS touch screen
  • Lens 170 degrees’ front lens and 140 degrees’ rear lens.



  1. The most critical is the quality of the video.
  2. I can record all of that clearly even at night.
  3. The camera behind it can be modified to match your rear view mirror.
  4. It has a wide touch screen, so it is easy to control so navigate.
  5. It has a back camera that is useful when a truck is singing and it is filming from behind.



  1. Mainly made from plastic so it doesn't get hot which is good and bad.

4. DMYCO Backup Camera Car and Mirror Dash Cam with a 12” IPS Full Touch Screen - Rear View Mirror Dash cam

If you're looking for a genuinely multi-functional dash-cam, go by DMYCO product for this device. The camera comes with streaming software, G-sensor, parking monitor, reverse assist system loop capturing super nice vision and adjustable viewing angle display. With a Higher Quality-Sony HD 2560P lens and a 170 ° wide angle plus Aluminum alloy back shell design that improves the machine reliability you need to get the services you need. It will help you stop getting the mirror dash cam on the market with fake 1080P.

The camera setup features a larger 12 inch IPS panel and full touch screen with a humanized interface to control the UI design. You can also take advantage of the super good show experience. The streaming media is built to give you the best Dash cam view. Have both front and rear view of the car. It can provide rear view 7 times zones. Not like your rear view mirror, it can give you a full look.

Equipped with advanced high definition comparison (AHD technology), the front and backup camera 2560P will balance the video's light and dark area automatically to give you a better and crystal clear night vision experience. Also, you'll like the simple setup and service once you get it.

Product Features.

  • 32G TF card
  • 11 feet car charger
  • Easy installation tool
  • 18 feet cable for rear camera
  • 2560P/1080P mirror dash cam
  • 2560P/1080P backup camera


  1. This dual dash cam with camera back up works fantastically.
  2. Has superior twelve in touch screen.
  3. The setup comes with 32 GB SD card.
  4. The system and the photos and video are super clean with 2060P/1080P.
  5. When using backup camera, it has night vision and park line assist.
  6. Its sensors and the identification of parking motion works well.

5. Homder  Dash Cam Front and Rear with a 7” Monitor Front Lens and G-Sensor - Car Dash Camera Front And Rear.

This Homder dash cam front and rear model is a great device if you want a dash cam that is easy to mount and that can see the entire world around your car. With 1080P full dual dash and a monitor-kit backup camera, the front lens will be captured simultaneously with 1080P FHD. The product comes all year round as an IP69 waterproof to stand all kinds of heat.

On 7 "wide LCD screen monitor you can easily switch display mode (independent image / picture in picture). This dual camera is equipped with F2.0 lens plus eight IR light and Sony IMX323 sensor HDR offers super night vision, this advanced technology helps capture smaller details that are not usually seen during driving at night and gives you all-round protection. The infrared LEDs will automatically turn on when low-light conditions are identified to enable rear image capture, giving you and passengers a higher degree of in-car protection.

The machine has an auto start and automatically record when you do ignition sparks up; the camera's loop storage feature saves the latest videos and overwrites the oldest videos when card memory is complete. The system's built-in G-Sensor can automatically trigger emergency recording mode when it detects a crash, and protects against overwriting the video files captured in emergency mode. HD backup camera for display with rotation of 360 degrees. On a 7-inch widescreen monitor, you can easily switch display mode (quad picture / independent picture).



  1. Installation is simple.
  2. The computer is huge.
  3. Recording the loop.
  4. Night vision is a major plus .
  5. The quality of the picture is fantastic.
  6. The cam back is just 720p.
  7. Mounting bracket adjustable.
  8. Split front and rear view screen.
  9. Cam front is 1080, cam back is waterproof.
  10. 12v powered power supply – up to 35v.



  1. Supports only up to 64 GB
  2. Screen size for some compact / Sedan car can be too large.

6. Poaeaon Backup Camera 10″ Full Touch Screen Mirror Dash Cam - Car Mirror Camera

With the 1296P front and 1080P rear dash camera this POAEAON backup camera helps you to see all the details including license plates, street signs and lower resolutions better than dash cam. The device has an ultra-wide field of view and adjustable screen brightness that helps remove blind spots and increases the concern to recode anything that happens in front and rear that makes you drive comfortably. ALL SCREEN touch screen: 10 inch HD streaming mirror video. You can mute the video, lock a portion of the film, take a snapshot and test with only one touch the replay.

The camera is equipped with advanced High Definition Analogy (AHD) technology, and the 1080P backup camera improves night vision in low light conditions and prevents video over-exposure when driving and backup, giving you an extremely sharp nighttime image. The reversing camera package for secure parking provides rear view cam move to full-screen HD reversing picture including the reverse with line support while the car is in reverse, no need to turn around and quick to park using guidelines. (The rear camera's red wire would attach to the positive reversing light pole).


  1. Rear camera really simple.
  2. 64 GB of memory card.
  3. Set up quickly and easily by their instructions.
  4. Decent construction installed for all cables and harnesses.
  5. Touch screen answer and fast start / stop time.
  6. Hardwire ready but additional fuse box tap kit is still required to wire both positive and negative terminals.

7. PORMIDO Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera with 9.88″ Full HD Touch Screen Car Dash Camera Stream Media - Best Dash Camera Front And Rear 2020

This dash cam is one of the best mirror dash cams in rear view that you have yet to discover. It is built in such a way that it can withstand high temperatures of -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that you'll be able to record in different climates. The camera has an simple parking & 26 foot Extended back-up camera, the reverse camera starts automatically when you reverse, so you can easily park with the help of the line that appears.

You can pull the front camera lens out or in to change the view. In addition, this dash cam in rear view has a 9.88-inch IPS touchscreen that is easy to use and further enhances visibility.

The camera rear view mirror records at a resolution of 1080p, giving you good and informative footage behind your vehicle, you can easily read the traffic signs over a field of 150 degrees. This dual dash cam fitted with F2.0 7-glass lens has limited glare from other car headlights during the night, so lighter areas won't be overexposed.

Product Specification:

  • G Sensor Lock
  • Support GPS
  • Loop Recording
  • Power supply DC 5V/2.5A
  • Parking Assist & Parking Monitor
  • Lens view angle: Front 170°, Rear 150°
  • Display: 9.88 inch HD IPS Touch Screen
  • Rear camera extended wire length 26 Feet
  • Front/Rear camera resolution is1080P/1080P
  • Memory card capacity: Maximum support 64GB, Preferred 32GB 10 class



  1. The show is big and simple.
  2. Good front camera output.
  3. Front lens adjustment capability.
  4. Decent communication with apps.
  5. Healthy low light output (to the detriment of daylight output).


  1. Doesn't have an SD card.
  2. Tough to mount for those who aren't very car friendly.

8. The VAVA Dash Cam with 4K resolution 3840X2140 with Wi-Fi - Rear Dash Camera

This VAVA dash cam comes with 4 K resolution that offers you excellent ultra HD video quality even while driving at high speeds. When a vehicle's shock or vibration is sensed by the G-sensor device it will automatically turn on and record. The machine will automatically save and lock whatever happened during that time when this happens.

It will not let it be removed from the loop recording device. Another great aspect of this dash cam is the wide angle, which shows the entire road at a 155 degree angle. The mobile app featuring Wi-Fi will allow you to view live, take a photo and share in real time.

The device uses Sony sensor which improves the low light sensitivity of Exmore R enabling clear imagery in low light environments and ISP technology for image signal processing to record a clear, visible video in any situation day or night.

Product Features

  • Lens 155 degrees
  • Power Input 5VDC/1A
  • Camera sensor is IMX317
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160@30fps
  • G-sensor with 3-axis accelerometer
  • Video clip/ Photo format are saved as MP4/ jpg
  • Wireless connections through the Wi-Fi (between smart phone and dash cam)
  • Built-in battery Capacity is 320mAH
  • Operating temperature range -4°f to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)


  1. The videos are pretty good at night.
  2. Installation of a product quite simple.
  3. The Video quality daytime camera time is outstanding.
  4. Amazing style with magnetic connection. It is pretty easy.
  5. Remote button which is very convenient to add to the steering.


How to choose the Right Mirror Dash Cam, Stuff You Can Test Out Before Buying a Mirror Dash Rear View Cam.

Before making the purchase, you want to determine what features you like most in the mirror dash cam at the rear view. Most of them give different views, some as wide as 190 degrees. Some have low-light capabilities which improve the visibility of the picture during nightfall and early morning.

Others have night vision, which after dark provides a high quality image and others can record while driving. Another option to consider is having one with automatic detection of accidents, which locks the video when the sensor senses an accident so it won't overwrite. You can also get a Bluetooth-connected wireless backup camera that lets you view, save and email recordings to your smart gadgets.

Finding the right dash cam depends on how you plan using it. G-sensor-equipped dash cam provides motion detection. This feature saves and locks the current video when an accident or a hard-braking event is identified by the car camera in case of an emergency. That will provide an insurance agent with valuable facts.

If you drive a lot at night a camera with night vision mode will provide low light quality recording. You can also choose a device that requires a rear camera, or you can get a separate camera for backup. You have the option to pick a dash cam with GPS, too. If you don't want GPS, you can have a convenient GPS managing your navigation needs.

Quality of the product: The higher quality, the clearer the videos that your dash cam can make. If you are just interested in crystal clear images, certain units with resolutions of at least 1080p and above should be considered for the front camera and 480p for the rear camera.

Tv size / Monitor: A large display screen makes it incredibly convenient to use a dash cam. In most cases, large displays appear to have big buttons and user-friendly icons to ensure that you have an simple time to run your dash cam. Some have touchscreen controls, making scrolling across the device simpler.

Weatherproof: Since these cameras are more likely to be exposed to heat, dust, fog and other weather conditions, the rear cameras should be weatherproof in your dash cam system. Ideally a weatherproof rear camera is safe, because even when the weather is not clear it will be able to capture videos.

Temperature tolerance: The mirror dash cam at your rear view will operate in several different climates. For example, dash cams with operating temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit make an excellent purchase as they can deliver in extreme conditions

Conclusion: a rear view mirror dash cam is not optional any more. It will catch whatever happens when you are driving. Well, that makes them really valuable, as they can help you out by making claims simple in case of an emergency or accident. Also, a rear view mirror dash cam removes blind spots, thereby ensuring safe driving particularly when it comes to backup.